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Relay Protection Devices

Protection and automatic relays, control relays, interposing relays:

  • current relays РТ, РТЗ, РТФ, РС, РСТ series;
  • voltage relays РН, РНФ, РНН, РСН, РСНФ, РНПП series;
  • time relays РВ, РСВ, РВК series;
  • ontrol relays РЭВ, РЭ, РЭМ, РНЕ, РБП, РПМ, РМ series;
  • frequeny relays УРЧ series;
  • indicating relays РУ, РЭУ series;
  • varios purpose relays РПГ, РПВ, РМ, РМОП, РСМ, РСГ, РГР, РН, РЗТ, ТРТП series and others.

Cabinets and Panels of relay protection and automatics of the substation equipment 6-35 kV and 110-220 kV:

  • protection panels ЭПЗ, ЭШЗ, ПЗ, ДФЗ, ЭПО, ПЭ, ПДЭ, АПВ series;
  • protection and automatics cabinets for substations with voltage 35-500 kV in new light-weight design at the basis of typical and non-typical blocks ШП, ШДЭ, ША series and others.


Micro-processor based blocks and Relay Protection devices (RPD):

  • single-phase faults attention device УСЗ, ЗЗП, ВУ, ЗЗН series;
  • RPD micro-processor based block БЭМП, МРЗС, РС, УЗА, БМРЗ series;
  • complete protection devices ЯРЭ, ЯРЭЖ series and others;

Blocks, sets and Relay Protection devices:

  • test blocks БИ 4(М), БИ 6(М) series;
  • power blocks БН, БПЗ, БПНТ series;
  • differential protection blocks БЭ, БРЭ, БК, ДЗТ series;
  • protection sets КЗ-9…КЗ-38 series;
  • interruption devices УПП series;
  • blocking devices КРБ, БЭ series and others.