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Reconstruction of Switchgears Under Program RETROFIT

Project Conception.

  • RETROFIT Project involves replacement of outdate commutation apparatus with service time longer than nominal by vacuum circuit-breakers of BP series.
  • Some elements of the switchgear, like enclosures, mechanisms of earthing switches, disconnectors, section busbars, etc.) stay the same.

Withdrawable Unit.

  • Replacement of the old withdrawable unit with the new one equipped with vacuum circuit-breaker.
  • Advantages:
    • Quick-to-replace
    • Replacement is less labour-intensive


Use of vacuum circuit-breakers allows the replacement of circuit-breakers without remounting of control and relay protection in the switchgear.

  • RETROFIT Program Advantages:
    • RETROFIT costs 30-40% of new switchgear cubicle cost;
    • Operation resource of a vacuum circuit-breaker is 15 – 20 times higher than the resource of oil apparatus
    • Minimum maintenance cost
    • Withdrawable Unit.
    • Universal Module.

Universal Module.

  • Replacement of the old unit with the module equipped with vacuum circuit-breaker.
  • Mounting of the module on the old withdrawable unit.
  • Advantages:
    • The price of the module is lower than the price of the withdrawable unit
    • Replacement is more labour-intensive