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Hereby we express our respect and propose to establish business relations with enterprises and/or companies from different countries, which interested in an import of equipment and/or spare parts from Ukraine, CIS and Europe countries.

We are interested in contacts with plants were built with former USSR and CIS support like follow by link.

Above mentioned enterprises are potential customers of equipment, works and services, which can be proposed by our firm.

There is a wide range of equipment and spare parts for metallurgy, mining, power generation and distributing, railway transport, gas and oil production, mechanical engineering and other industries present in our list. We provide repairing and modernization of equipment, spare parts supply and service.

We have got more than 30 years’ experience of such activity in India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, etc. and nearby countries so we can use it in your country too.

We have established steady business relations with a lot of OEM of industrial equipment (mechanical, electrotechnical and power), which is used by abovementioned enterprises in these countries.

We are able to propose them spare parts and service, maintenance, repairing, retrofit and/or modernization of existing equipment at a customer site with involving of customer’s specialists and specialized your country companies, as well as replacing of old equipment by modern one.

Detailed information about our activities can be found at our website www.relayexport.com.