Contactors and switches with rated voltage up to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC:

  • vacuum contactors КВ1 and КВ2 series for rated current 160, 250, 400 and 630 А;
  • electromagnetic contactors МК, КМ, КПВ, КТ, КТПВ, ТКД, КНЕ, ТКС, КНИ, КТ6000Б, КТП6000Б series;
  • electromagnets ВВ series;
  • switches ПП, ППН, 2ПП, 2ППН, 2ПН series and others.

Low voltage automatic circuit-breakers for currents from 40 A to 6300 A:

  • automatic circuit-breakers АП50Б, АЕ20, ВА04, ВА21, А63, ВА51-35, ВА53, ВА55, ВА57 series;
  • automatic circuit-breakers АВ2000, АВ3000 series;
  • automatic circuit-breakers ВА59-35 series;
  • automatic circuit-breakers ВА-СЭЩ-В, ВА-СЭЩ-TD, ВА-СЭЩ-TS series and others.


Low voltage complete device (LCD):

  • LCD of the electric stations auxiliaries and substations РУСН 0,4 (КТПСН), ПСН1100В, ШЭ8350, ПСН1200В, ШТЭ (ШСЭ), ШОТВ series;
  • Industrial purpose LCD МНС-2000, БМН, БМР, БМУ, БТМ, ШО8320М с АВР, ЯУ (ШУ), БУ(ПУ) series;
  • Common application LCD ЩО70В, ШР11В, ВРУ1В series and others.

Electric drive control and protection gear OptiStart:

  • automatic circuit-breakers OptiStart MP series;
  • electro magnetic contactors OptiStart K series;
  • thermal relays OptiStart TU series and others.


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